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Charmaine Ortega Getz is a longtime freelance journalist living in Colorado. She has written for The Daily Camera, Boulder Magazine, Boulder County Home & Garden Magazine, Colorado Gardener, Colorado Golf Magazine and Westword. She is the author of "Weird Colorado: Your Travel Guide to Colorado's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets," part of the "Weird U.S." series produced for Barnes & Noble by Sterling Publishing.

Can this Wonder be saved?

Back when Trish Langley was a youngster, her family used to drive out from Kansas to visit grandma in Denver, Colorado. They’d always pass the Wonder Tower of Genoa just off Interstate 70 with its looming structure and huge sign … Continue reading

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The (Sort Of) Amazing Story of Maurice Doreal & The Brotherhood of the White Temple Revealed At Last!

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The name given to him by his parents was Claude D. Dodgin (the “D” always present when he used it). The name he chose for himself later in life was Maurice Doreal. If you haven’t heard of either name, try … Continue reading

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What a Denver Newspaper Editor Did to Make Deer Trail, Colorado Think It Was the Site of the World’s 1st Rodeo

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Seriously, first in the world? “Rodeo” is a word with undoubted Spanish roots so what are the odds that no Moorish riders of old Spain — let alone no bunch of Spanish conquistadors, colonial settlers or Mexican vaqueros of the … Continue reading

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RIP, Grandma Goth

There are times when the only proper response to news is “Damn.” Suelynn Gustafson, aka “Grandma Goth”, died Tuesday, March 26, 2013, age 71. I found out this morning from The Denver Post, the only proper response being “Damn.” Suelynn … Continue reading

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Hotdog-Shaped Diner in Bailey for Sale

If a road trip south of Denver on U.S. Highway 285 has always meant a stop at the Coney Island Boardwalk in Bailey, better have a back-up plan – the vintage diner shaped like a giant hot dog is closed … Continue reading

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Joe Arridy Pardoned

On Jan. 7, 2011, Gov. Bill Ritter signed a posthumous pardon for a man executed for the rape and murder of a teen-age girl in Pueblo. That may sound outrageous if you don’t know the truth – truth is, it … Continue reading

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Weird and Happening

If you’re familiar with the Beats, you may have thought how cool it would have been to have experienced some of the legendary coffeehouses back in the day where avant-garde readings, music and discussions took the place of TV and … Continue reading

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My First Book Signing

Gad, can it really be? I’ve spent a career in Serious Journalism to peak (?) today — Saturday, June 5, at 2 p.m.– signing what I hope will be oodles of copies of “Weird Colorado” at a Barnes & Noble … Continue reading

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Back In the Saddle Agaaaaaain!

Yippee-ya-kiyaaaaay! It’s finally happening! The book “Weird Colorado” will go on sale on May 4 at all Barnes & Noble stores, as well as other venues of literary tastiness. I submitted the final manuscript waaaay back in December ’08, mind … Continue reading

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Jim McPhee found alive

The best possible news is that Jim showed up last night on a stranger’s doorstep in his hometown, disoriented but physically OK and asking for help. The police took him to a hospital. He seems to have been suffering from … Continue reading

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