About the book “Weird Colorado”

“Weird Colorado” is one of the latest volumes in the popular series “Weird U.S.” edited by Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman for Sterling Publishing, a division of Barnes & Noble.

It is available at Barnes & Noble outlets, as well as most other fine book stores.  In Colorado, you can also get it at Costco stores, museum gift shops and McGuckin’s Hardware in Boulder.

Online, look for it at Barnes & Noble.com: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/and amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/

“Weird U.S.” began as the magazine “Weird New Jersey” published by the two Mikes, which expanded into a book by the same name that began the series, became an occasional TV show on the History Channel, and is also a web site where you can read up on all things you-know-what: http://www.weirdus.com/

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  1. Bonni Lafferty says:

    We bought this book in Novembeer of 2011 and are planning on utilizing it as our travel guide for our 2012 ‘stay cations’.

    I’m also going to publish a web page of our adventures.

    Thanks for writing such a gret book, tis should be fun.

  2. Megan Ellis says:

    Good Afternoon – I just wanted to let you know that Weird Colorado has been chosen as our recommended read for adults during the Winter Reading Program at the Aurora Public Library: https: http://www.auroragov.org/ThingsToDo/AuroraPublicLibrary/ProgramsandEvents/ReadingPrograms/index.htm

    Thank you for your wonderful book! Our community has already checked out all 20 copies in our library system!

    Megan Ellis, Outreach & Programming Librarian

  3. Angelia Kelly says:

    I am planning to use your book in a lesson plan for fourth graders where they will use a Google Trek map to travel around to parts of Weird Colorado sites and phenomenon and find information to create a graphic organizer and timeline based on what they find. Thank you for writing a wonderfully interesting and quirky book.

    • admin says:

      How swell!

      I plan on updating the blog more frequently, so stay tuned. And if the kids hear of anything that wasn’t in the book, encourage them to ask me about it.

      The most fun I had was looking up old rumors and urban myths — the truth really is generally stranger.

      Are you in Colorado?

      Charmaine Ortega Getz

  4. Chris says:

    I purchased your book months after moving here. Just wanted to say great job with the writing on it! I’m with a local paranormal team in Colorado Springs called RMRIPP and would love to contribute whatever I can based off of prior investigation sites me and my team have been to. Thanks!

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